Lynda Carter - Out Of Touch Or Knows Something We Don't?

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Former Wonder Woman Lynda Carter has given her blessing to Dollhouse's Eliza Dushku to take on the satin tights and red boots of Wonder Woman if the movie ever happens. But what's this about Whedon?


Carter recently told the World Entertainment News Network that she knows exactly what should be done with any potential Wonder Woman movie:

I've always liked Joss, and Eliza would make a great Wonder Woman.

This came, apparently, in response to "rumors" about a Whedon/Dushku team working on the Wonder movie, which is news to us. After all, wasn't Whedon politely shown the door by Warners over creative differences, and aren't he and Dushku busy enough with Dollhouse? We're cautiously optimistic about the idea of Eliza taking on the role of Diana, but somehow think that poor Lynda's gotten her wires crossed somewhere along the way.


Carter Approves Of Dushku As Wonder Woman [IMDB]

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Fine, you've convinced me. Since I can act and I'm hotter than 'Da Dush', I shall be Wonder Woman. Then I shant be penniless/talentless anymore.

*Spins around*

*Vomits from getting dizzy*