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Lush Animation Brings This Soulful Poem to Life

From the video “The Moment I Threw Your Toothbrush Away”
From the video “The Moment I Threw Your Toothbrush Away”
Image: Screenshot via YouTube

Good animation can make tiny details sing. It can invest the most simple objects with life and spirit, expanding them into entire worlds. Like, say, a toothbrush.


In this animated version of a poem by creator Anna Akana, “The Moment I Threw Your Toothbrush Away,” lush, expressive animation brings her words to life and places the whole universe in the still, small quiet moment of deciding to throw away an ex’s toothbrush. Poetry, like animation, has that power, to build and expand tiny details until they’re the only thing you can see.

Featuring animation by Bethany Radloff and music by Alexander Arntzen, this video is a gorgeous treat, both spiritual and romantic, sad and sweet. If you haven’t digested any poetry in a while, or just want to look at some beautiful animation, check it out below.


io9 Weekend Editor. Videogame writer at other places. Queer nerd girl.

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Interesting presentation, unusual subject matter and the animation was well done. Thank you for sharing!