Photographer Radu Zaciu hollowed out ordinary fruits and vegetables and replaced their insides with light bulbs. His photo series, "The Light Inside," captures what these everyday edibles look like with their new, luminous cores, revealing the structural subtleties in their pulp, their skin, their leaves, and their fractal florets.

All images featured by kind permission of Radu Zaciu

"Not every fruit or vegetable transmits the light properly and some need more, while others need a less powerful light source," writes Zaciu. "Carving into the fruit needs to be done carefully and not more than necessary to place the light source somehow central. For harder vegetables a drill is ideal to carve a symmetrical channel of an ideal size."

See photos of Zaciu's light-embedding process at Design Boom. Complement with Andy Ellison's MRI scans of fruits and vegetables and Emily Blincoe's symmetrically pleasing Citrus Fest: