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We needed some good news today, and it's not going to get much better than this: Noelle Stevenson, writer and artist of the phenomenally wonderful Lumberjanes, is helming a new Runaways comic for Marvel, due out in May.


In an interview with Comic Book Resources, Stevenson revealed that the comic will be part of Secret Wars and set on the mashed-up Battleworld planet that forms in its wake. Here, the "best and brightest" teens of these various nations are sent to a mysterious school in Battleworld's equally mysterious capital city, where, in an origin reminiscent of Bryan K. Vaughan's original series, the student discover their headmaster is secretly a supervillain.

If the character concepts by series artist Sanford Greene CBR posted is any indication, the new Runaways appear to consist of: Cloak, Dagger, Hulk's son Skaar, Jubilee, Bucky (as a teen, not the Winter Soldier from the regular 616 Marvel universe), young genius Amadeus Cho, and a new character named Sanna... at minimum. As Mr. Fantastic and Invisible Woman's second child, Valeria, appears to be on a Phil Noto variant cover for issue #1, it's likely she'll be included, too.


As much as we love the original Runaways, that's a pretty fascinating group of teen superheroes. More importantly we'll read anything Stevenson puts out at this point (she has a very good track record). Be sure to the read the full interview with her here — and check out those sketches.

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