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It’s a factoid years old that when Luke emerges from his X-Wing after the Battle of Yavin in A New Hope, the over-excited Mark Hamill accidentally cries “Carrie!” rather than “Leia!” when Carrie Fisher’s Princess comes running into his arms. But did he really? Not according to Luke Skywalker himself.


The famous flub has been on the internet’s mind recently, thanks to a viral Screen Rant video about infamous mistakes kept in the final cuts of popular movies. But rather than trust many years of the statement being passed around by fans, why not go directly to the source and see if it’s true? We do live in the age of social media after all, where celebrities are in reach with the help of a single “@” mention on Twitter. So someone actually asked Mark Hamill about the gaffe—and turns out, it apparently never was one:


Instead of calling Carrie Fisher’s name out, Hamill insists that he started to say “There she is!”—dialogue provided in ADR that was cut short by Leia and Luke’s embrace.

A years-old myth, debunked thanks to some good ol’ fashioned Twitter interaction. The more you know, and all that!

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