Luke Cage's Opening Credits Are Just as Awesome as You Thought They'd Be

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It’s Sweet Christmas Eve—i.e., the day before we get to relentlessly binge on Luke Cage—and in a now traditional move, Netflix has released the opening title sequence for the show to get everyone excited. And it’s damn good stuff.


Luke Cage joins Jessica Jones and Daredevil in having some truly great opening titles. In an era where that’s far more rare than it should be, it’s a welcome sight thing indeed. Etching scenes of Harlem across Luke’s unbreakable body is a great idea, and the music is funky as hell.


Only one more night to wait before we get to see what comes after the opening titles ourselves!

James is a News Editor at io9. He wants pictures. Pictures of Spider-Man!

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I dunno... Daredevil’s mix of Christian imagery, Justicia, and a city either covered in or made from blood combined with music employing tones of sadness and action did something for me. This doesn’t.