Image Credit: Marvel. Art by Michael Gaydos and Matt Hollingsworth, Letters by Cory Petit.

The history of Luke Cage’s infamous demand of “Where’s my money, honey?” is a bit more complex than the joke it’s often played for, but I kind of love that it’s become one of Luke’s proudest moments in comics canon, according to the new Jessica Jones comic.


The second issue of Jessica’s self-titled series—from Brian Michael Bendis, Michael Gaydos, Matt Hollingsworth, and Cory Petit—is a little less bizarre than the first, which painted Jessica Jones as both as suddenly hated by her friends and former superheroic allies, and a potential child murderer. It immediately picks up with the frosty encounter between Jess and her now estranged husband Luke, who demands to know what she’s done with their daughter, Danielle.

The adorable moment between them shown above, a flashback to before Danielle’s birth, is wonderful—but it’s contrasted with the sorrow of Luke and Jessica’s relationship now seemingly being destroyed altogether.

The bait and switch of the issue however, reveals that there’s a lot more going on in Jessica’s new situation that previously hinted. After her encounter with Luke turns her current case sour, she holes up in a hotel room where she is met by her adoptive mother... who’s currently taking care of Danielle Cage, alive and well:


So good news: Jessica Jones isn’t a child killer. The fact that we even have to say something like that speaks volumes about the poor “twist” of this series’ first issue, but at least Brian Michael Bendis isn’t completely damning the character to fans who were interested in this series after learning of her through her Netflix show last year.


The mystery is getting weirder though. Why can’t Luke know where his daughter is? What did Jessica go to prison for? Why can she trust her mother with elements of this grand plot, but not her husband? Is her new case—which gets her kidnapped by obscure Marvel villain The Spot, of all people, at the end of this issue—linked to Jess’ ongoing mystery? I guess we’ll have to keep waiting to see how this all unfolds. I’m kind of with Ma Jones on this one though. How much longer is this going to go on for?

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