Luke Cage and Iron Fist Are Teaming Up Again for a Brand New Comic

Together, Luke Cage and Danny Rand are one of Marvel’s best duos, but it’s been a while since they’ve headlined a series together. But now one of the finest bromances in Marvel Comics returns, as the original Heroes for Hire are back.

Heroes for Hire have been made up of many different duos over the year, but as Power Man and Iron Fist, Luke and Danny founded the team back in 1978. It’s been a while since they’ve headlined a comic together; Luke has been busy with the New Avengers and the Mighty Avengers, while Danny has starred in multiple Iron Fist ongoings recently.


Now the two will finally reteam for Power Man and Iron Fist,e written by David F. Walker, with art from Sanford Green. The comics is pretty well timed to coincide with Cage and Rand appearing in Marvel’s Cinematic Universe with their own Netflix series due within the next year or so. With a new series however, comes some new looks too: Luke will smarten up his usual T-shirt and jeans with a waistcoat and suit jacket, while Iron Fist’s new suit has more than a few shades of Bruce Lee in its inspiration.

We were starting to worry about where some of Marvel’s Defenders were in this “All-New, All-Different” reboot—but now that Luke is starring in a new series, will his wife, Jessica Jones, be getting her own too? We can but hope.

Power Man and Iron Fist will begin in early 2016.

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