This photo would be utterly tragic, had the large owl planted face-first into the grille of this Ford pickup not survived its close encounter with the vehicle. But survive it did. Which makes this picture kind of tragically hilarious, instead.

After being carefully separated from the truck by Vermont Fish and Wildlife officials, the bird reportedly clicked its beak a few times and flew off, apparently unscathed.


Can you imagine being in this owl's position? One minute you're swooping down for prey along a dirt road in Addison, Vermont, your flight path lit by the dim and dreary pre-dawn light, when suddenly WHAM — you're caught off-guard by a truck, moving at 55-miles per hour.

Next thing you know, strange people are grasping at your talons and trying to squeeze you out of the hexagonal lattice that's ensnared your downy, barred owl face. Eventually you are freed, feathers ruffled, but alive and — as far as you can tell — without injury. You'd probably feel a little bewildered. You probably look a little like this (i.e., addled and adorable):


Watch this video, via Vermont's WCAX-TV, for more info:
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Top photo via Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department via WCAX3