Lucifer's Saucy Devil Walks You Through a Crash Course of the Show's First 3 Seasons

Lucifer does love its naughty jokes.
Lucifer does love its naughty jokes.
Photo: John P. Fleenor (Netflix)

Lucifer, formerly of Fox but rescued by Netflix, will launch its fourth season starting May 8. There’s still time to catch up on the previous seasons, but the truth is you don’t need a deep grasp of the material to enjoy the show (this ain’t Game of Thrones).


This short video, hosted by the show’s charming title character (Tom Ellis), is like an extended “previously on Lucifer...” segment that hits all the major beats so far.

Yes, there are some nuances and characters missing, but the clip should at least help you decide if you want to tune in when the show—which imagines that Lucifer ditches his underworld kingdom for Los Angeles, where he gets a side gig helping the LAPD solve nutty murders while dealing with his own celestial and carnal entanglements—returns.

For fans who’re already caught up, Netflix dropped a season four teaser last week (on the heels of that cheeky promo earlier this month) that really tells us nothing except that Tom Ellis has been keeping up with his workout regime.

Make your own “hotter than hell” joke here. Lucifer makes its Netflix debut May 8.

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I hate it when that happens. You find a good show to follow, I was with Lucifer for 2 seasons, and something changes (for me was my work schedule and just getting home tired) and you loose track of it. By the time you are able to catch up its just too much of an effort.

This year I lost TBBT (I know not loosing much) and Modern Family. But I was able to to binge AOS season 5, and picked up Hanna and Jack Ryan.