Lucifer Is the Clear Winner in the Monday Night Satanic TV Derby

©2016 Fox Broadcasting Co. CR: FOX
©2016 Fox Broadcasting Co. CR: FOX

The dark lords of television have arranged it so that on Mondays, you can watch Lucifer at 9pm on Fox, then switch over to A&E for Damien at 10pm. The jury’s still out on Damienwe weren’t super-stoked on the first episode—but Lucifer turned in one of its best yet with “Wingman,” as the relationship between “Lucy” and Amenadiel reached a breaking point.


All season long, Amenadiel’s main objective has been to convince Lucifer to return to hell, and he’s willing to do anything—including seduce Lucifer’s therapist—to get what he wants. Last night, Lucifer learned how low Amenadiel was willing to sink with his trickery, once he solved the Mystery of the Missing Angel Wings.

But the most poignant part of their emotional brawl is the fact that despite everything that’s gone down between them, that there’s clearly still affection there. Witness this rare moment of snarky shit-talking, after the pair infiltrates an auction of religious artifacts.


Who knew St. Paul liked to overindulge? Lucifer may be overly cheeky at times, but that’s still preferable to Damien—which treats the religious aspects of its story with deadly seriousness.

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I still say that they should ditch the cop B-plot as soon as possible, because the absolute best moments of this show are all from the mythology side. Lucifer and Amenadiel teaming up, snarking at the auction, Lucifer burning his wings, and finally the brawl between them. “Yes, fall like I did, brother!” was an amazing line. (And the foreshadowing with Mazikeen and the single feather was good, too. We know that feather is going to used at some point to bring his wings back.)

The cop-plot, however, was just kind of dull. We’ve seen these types of stories a dozen times over. Someone’s a dirty cop. Someone is going to get shot (probably Kevin Alejandro).

I mean, I think they even have an easy way to combine the cop and mythology plots: make Chloe part angel. That was how she was able to hurt Lucifer, that’s why she’s immune to his “charms.” Once she believes Lucifer is actually the Devil, too, perhaps we can finally move on to, you know, an all mythology show.