Lucas: These Aren't The Streets You're Looking For

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Why is George Lucas is refusing to allow his name to be submitted for approval for the Hollywood Walk of Fame? That's the question on literally several people's lips after Entertainment Weekly's Dalton Ross discovered that Lucas himself is responsible for his absence from the sidewalks of Hollywood and Vine.

You see, anyone can nominate a celebrity for induction, but the nominee's management has to also send a letter of agreement, and then the honoree must actually show up at the ceremony if inducted. So why hasn't Lucas agreed to be on the Walk of Fame? I mean, the guy took time out of his busy schedule to appear on The O.C., so you'd figure he could show up for a freakin' star ceremony. True, there is also the matter of a $25,000 price tag for ''creation and installation of the star, as well as maintenance,'' but I'm going to go out on a limb and suggest that George Lucas just might have $25K squirreled away under a mattress somewhere.


That mattress, of course, is covered by a Jar-Jar Binks duvet and the disappointment of a million fans after seeing Episode III, two possible reasons why Lucas may be feeling a little shy. Flickr image by brunkfordbraun

Our plea for George Lucas... [Entertainment Weekly]

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