Lucas Says Yes To Star Wars Sitcom From Robot Chicken Team

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There have been lots of funny moments in the Star Wars Universe — though many probably weren't on purpose — but now George Lucas is drafting the Robot Chicken team to make an out-and-out comedy TV series.


"Hold me, like you did by the lake on Naboo" was probably one of the funnier lines of movie dialogue from all of 2005, but one usually doesn't look to the Star Wars Universe for comedy. At least, until Seth Green and Matt Senreich began channeling their love for all things Force-related into a pair of special Star Wars-centric episodes of Robot Chicken — both of which were nominated for Emmys. Papa Lucas must've been tickled enough by them that he's given his blessing for Lucasfilm Animation to team with Green and Senreich for an as-yet networkless Star Wars comedy series.

In a statement, Green said:

The Star Wars universe is so dense and rich; it's crazy to think that there aren't normal, mundane everyday problems in a world so well-defined. And it's even crazier to think of what those problems might be, since it's all set in a galaxy far, far away. What do these characters do when they're not overthrowing Empires?

(Via The Live Feed)


Is that one of the best clips of Robot Chicken? I've never seen it, but if this is it...