Luc Besson's "Prison Break in Space" Movie: Like BSG on Speed!

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Check out the first trailer for Lock-Out, the action movie which Luc Besson co-wrote and produced. Guy Pearce is a convict who has to go inside a maximum security prison — in space! — to rescue the president's daughter (the perrenially captured Maggie Grace). If he succeeds, he gets his freedom. I just love Pearce's surly attitude, mixed with the shots of space combat and space punching. The whole thing has a Battlestar Galactica feel, only with more money and a faster pace. And Peter Stormare!


The actual directors of Lock-Out are cinematographers James Mather and Stephen St. Leger, who previously directed a short film, Prey Alone. Mather also co-wrote the script with Besson. Lock-Out hits U.S. cinemas on April 20. [via First Showing]

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Chip Overclock®

You know that game you play with Chinese fortune cookies where to the end of everyone's fortunes you add the phrase "in bed"? I wonder if there's a similar game where to any capsule description of a movie plot you just add the words "in space".