The Luc Besson-produced District 13: Ultimatum just opened in the United States, but he's already in pre-production on another prison-break movie, this time set in space in the future. Plus he's producing an English-language District 13 remake. Spoilers ahead...

Section 8 takes place in a prison orbiting 50 miles above the Earth, which houses 500 of the world's most dangerous criminals. Not only are these wrongdoers kept in orbit, they're also kept asleep by sophisticated technology - until they suddenly all wake up. The movie is co-written by Besson and directors Stephen St. Leger and James Mather. Says Pierre-Ange Le Pogam, founder and partner in production company EuropaCorp:

When you read the script, you can easily guess how the live-action and 3D will take this sci-fi thriller to a great level - and the two guys are very, very talented.


They hope to begin shooting this spring or summer. The film will be St. Leger and Mather's full-length directorial debut, but they already made a splash with the digital short film Prey Alone (pictured above), about a manhunt with a surprising twist. You can view the whole thing here:

Meanwhile, EuropaCorp. is also at work on Brick Mansion, the U.S.-set, English-language remake of Besson's District 13, which was the directorial debut of prospective Dune helmer Pierre Morel. [Variety]