Illustration for article titled Luc Besson adapting classic time-travel comic created by emFifth Element/em concept artist

Will Luc Besson finally make another movie in the inimitable style of The Fifth Element? People have been wondering for years — and if the Besson-produced Lockout didn't scratch your itch, then there's cause to hope. Besson is set to write and direct an English-language adaptation of Valerian, a comic about a hero who travels through space and time.


Valerian was co-created by artist Jean-Claude Mezieres, who also did concept art for The Fifth Element. And the visuals are amazing, as you can see with a Google image search. By all accounts, it's sort of a mash-up of Doctor Who and James Bond, as Valerian and his sexy partner Laureline go on missions throughout time and space for the Galaxity organization. [Variety via Cinemablend]


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