Low-tech designs for keeping food fresh in the post-apocalypse

Even if you've got a generator running in the post-apocalypse, chances are you'll still want to lay off on running your refrigerator as much as possible. But how can you keep your food fresh without keeping it cold?

Designer Jihyun Ryou created the series "Save Food from the Fridge" to examine the possibility of zero-energy food storage using simple, attractive designs. The egg storage shelf not only ensures eggs taste better than refrigerator eggs, but also doubles as a freshness tester:

An egg has millions of holes in its shell. It absorbs the odour and substance around itself very easily. This creates a bad taste if it's kept in the fridge with other food ingredients. This shelf provides a place for eggs outside of the fridge. Also the freshness of eggs can be tested in the water. The fresher they are, the further they sink.


His other food storage tricks include storing carrots vertically in sand to ensure they stay at the proper humidity, using the ethylene gas in apples to keep potatoes from sprouting, keeping veggies humid with a water tray, and pairing bags of rice with cork lids to keep spices dry.

Save Food from the Fridge [via Inhabitat]


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