Lovely Dawn Treader concept art will send you home on a dream ship

Whatever you may think of the Narnia movies, you have to bask in the loveliness of this Voyage of the Dawn Treader concept art. Eustace the Dragon! The sea people! The epic battles! The giant orange sun, which looks like something out of 1970s book cover art. This is the perfect art to end the week with, setting a lovely dreamlike tone for your weekend.

This art is the work of Justin Sweet, who just posted it over at Muddy Colors, the group blog he runs with Dan Dos Santos and some of our other favorite artists. He writes: "I listened to Joni Mitchell's "Dawntreader" song off of her "Song to a Seagull" album often while working on this. I loved this book. Its episodic nature was sort of like "Easy Rider" but on boat, a bit cleaner, and for a wider audience."


Check out a few more of our favorites below, and the rest at the link. [Muddy Colors]


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