Lovely, Creepy Necklaces Made from Insects Caught in Amber

Etsy seller DinoDNAjewelry has created the ultimate necklace for Jurassic Park fans — or just amber fossil geeks. A gorgeous insect is suspended in glowing yellow amber, just waiting for you to extract some dinosaur DNA from its belly and do some mad science.

No, these are not real Jurassic-era fossils (which — I think that would be illegal if they were). But they look fantastic. Here's how the necklace pendants are made:

Each piece is a slightly different in color and shape. Inclusions and imperfections are added to the amber resin to give it a more authentic look and feel. Other variations on color and mosquito configuration are pictured.

The Crane Fly entombed in amber colored resin and was collected after dying naturally. She is the perfect photo double for a 65 million year old mosquito that is hearty enough to get the blood of a thick skinned dinosaur.


Here you can see the range of shapes and colors (prices range from $75–95). There are also some possibilities for customization, since each piece is made individually. If your sense of style predates the Quaternary, these necklaces are the perfect thing.

Check 'em out on Etsy.

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