Peter Jackson ended up reshooting footage for The Lovely Bones after a scene fell flat with test audiences. Their main complaint? That the story of a murdered girl in Heaven contained a scene that simply wasn't violent enough. Spoilers inside.

Jackson referenced a particular scene, in which a man falls off a cliff to his doom, saying that audiences felt the scene wasn't gruesome enough:

"We got a lot of people telling us that they were disappointed with this death scene, as they wanted to see [the character] in agony and suffer a lot more," said Jackson. "We had to create a whole suffering death scene just to give people the satisfaction they needed."


It sounds like he is talking about the death of George Harvey, who murders Susie Salmon at the beginning of Alice Sebold's book. Many readers have complained that Harvey's death in the book wasn't terribly satisfying, but it sounds like they might have their blood lust sated in the theater.

Peter Jackson: Lovely Bones test audience demanded more violence [Guardian]

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