Alan Tudyk Takes a Spacewalk of Shame in the Con Man Season Two Trailer

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Con Man is the star-studded parody show created by the ubiquitous Alan Tudyk, where he and Nathan Fillion play parody versions of themselves as they traverse the world of comic book conventions. Season two is coming soon and the first trailer is finally here.

(It actually debuted at San Diego Comic-Con but just now arrived online.)

The core of season two is a musical version of John Steinbeck’s Of Mice and Men, titled “I’m With Stupid” (which isn’t actually mentioned in this trailer). In the show’s Hall H panel at Comic-Con, Tudyk explained that this idea was almost totally born out of Lou Ferrigno.


After meeting Ferrigno for years at various cons and the two of them talking about how they wanted to work together, Tudyk found himself talking to the Hulk TV actor about Of Mice and Men. And a lightbulb went off.

“That one little thing spawned all of that craziness,” said Tudyk. And though you’d expect Ferrigno to play Lenny, that’s not the case on this season of Con Man—he plays George with Tudyk as Lenny. “There’s no one else who could have done it,” Tudyk said. “Without Lou, it doesn’t happen.”

From there, Tudyk explained how the show will continue to poke fun at Con culture. “There are so many more things to write about,” Tudyk said. “[You walk around a con and say] ‘This is the only place that would happen.’ Events you want to exploit for comedy because the stakes are so high and magic can happen.“

Another notable moment happened during a Q&A when a fan asked if Joss Whedon cameo-ing on the show gave Tudyk an opportunity to “Whedon”
him,—a.k.a. kill him—like Joss does to so many of his characters, including Tudyk’s on Firefly. “That’s a great idea for season 3,” Tudyk responded.

Con Man season two will premiere on Comic-Con HQ in November.

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So That Happened

Loved, loved, loved the first season. Sure hope there will be a way for people to get it without subscribing to Comic-Con HQ. Vimeo worked out so well last time.

And, lordy, but my appreciate for Nolan North went through the roof. He is hilarious!