Lovecraftian Horror Has Never Looked More Adorable Than It Does in This Animated Short

Image: Still via Vimeo
Image: Still via Vimeo

That’s probably a strange thing to say, but really, this super adorable little short film managed to make a dog transforming into a tentacled eldritch nightmare into something rather cute, which is quite the feat.


Featuring a blend of hand-drawn art and 3D assets, Kris Theorin’s Mary & Marsha in The Manor of Madness is a cutesy tale of two women in love, and their attempts to escape a manor staffed by tentacle-head butlers and sinister cultists in something that ends up being a fun mix between Scooby Doo-esque goofballery and creepy cosmic horror.



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Even more creepy than the tentacles ... no one has arms! What kind of unthinkable horror, the like of which drives men into gibbering insanity, has taken everyone’s arms off at the shoulder? The implication is clear! To the Old Ones we are as insects, to have our wings plucked off and left alive to suffer!

Or it could have just been a stylistic choice.