Wondering what Ronald D. Moore was doing reading National Geographic in the final episode of Battlestar Galactica? And was the lesson of the series that love will save the day? A new interview answers both.

National Geographic spoke to Moore and co-producer David Eick about the magazine's appearance in the final episode. Moore explained why it happened:

We wanted the last voiceover to be in the form of a journalistic article. It was about an archaeological find. It was in Africa, and we wanted it to have a beautiful map on it. It felt like National Geographic was the obvious choice... It's just more visual [for it to be a magazine]. It's more interesting. And we wanted it to be outside and on the street. It was either that or they're reading it off their iPhone and that didn't quite seem as interesting.


And the point of the article? To show us how soppy that Moore and Eick really are, according to Eick:

It's... sort of [an] uncharacteristically positive and optimistic message because we had labored in the early part of the season to establish this mythology that the reason why the Cylons couldn't procreate is because love was necessary. They had all the biological equipment but didn't have the emotional connection. It's like the Beatles' song writ large: All you need is love. Love is all you need.

And so the idea that we are all partly Cylon sort of reinforces the notion that only through love could human and Cylon procreate, so on some base level [love] kind of what makes us who we are.

Admit it; you knew they were soppy all along, right?

Galactica's Secrets Revealed in the "Yellow Magazine" [National Geographic]


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