Love in Space is your new Jane Austen science fiction movie

Three unmarried sisters are looking for love, while their mother gently teases them from the kitchen. Except the mother is talking to her daughters via videophone, because one is in Australia, one is on a movie set, and another is on the Chinese space station. Luckily, you can still find love even in the crazy future!


Above you can see our favorite scene from Love in Space, a Hong Kong comedy that hit stateside a couple of months ago. Our hearts are still melting from its concentrated doses of romantic shmoopiness and outer space shenanigans.

Directed by Tony Chan and Wing Shya, Love in Space follows the lives of Rose, an astronaut on the Chinese space station carrying a torch for her ex-boyfriend and colleague; Lily, an artist and germophobe who has a hard time connecting with people through her ubiquitous latex gloves; and Peony, a starlet in cheesy action flicks who has just won the "worst actress" award and has never had a life outside the spotlight. Somehow, they all meet guys who are perfect for them, even though they're completely (adorably) neurotic and scattered across the world. Even their widowed mother finds love by the end of the movie.

Oh, sorry - I guess those are spoilers. But don't you want to know that this flick will have a happy ending? Even after all the craziness in Sydney's Chinatown, where Lily meets a tenderhearted garbage man? And after Rose tries to make out with her ex-boyfriend while he's sleeping in the space station (see insane clip)? And even though Peony will have to break her contract if she falls in love with the poor writer she met while working undercover as a waitress to research her next role?

People, this is the future as Jane Austen would have imagined it. And it's the perfect goofy romance if you need a night off from zombies and tense space battles.

Adding goodness to goofiness is the fact that all the female characters may be looking for love, but they're not looking for husbands who will take care of them financially. Rose's love interest is her colleague, who even gives her a supportive pep talk about how she's an amazing astronaut. Lily's would-be boyfriend wants to help her restart her art career. And of course Peony is already gainfully employed as the world's worst actress (but you get the sense that falling in love might help her acting gain a little depth).

Love in Space is still playing at a few theaters and should be out on DVD soon. Can't wait for it? You can check out the first movie in this series, Hot Summer Days, on demand via Amazon. Hot Summer Days isn't set in the future, but it has the same structure as Love in Space, with multiple quirky romances going on at once.



Vincent Van Gozer the Gozarian

If I might be shallow for a moment, good lord, Sleeping Space Station Boyfriend is gorgeous. Anyone know who the actor is?