Love for Our Futuristic Freedom Fighting Homies at EFF

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Yeah, I'm a civil liberties futurist junkie. That's right - I want to make the future a place where you've got a right to do things like speak your mind online, or get a little privacy away from government's prying eyes. I also think scientists and engineers should have the freedom to tinker with machines, whether biological or technological, without giant corporations locking up their discoveries behind patents, scientific journal subscription firewalls, and bizarre copy protection schemes.

The Electronic Frontier Foundation is one of the organizations I think is doing a lot to promote freedoms of the future in the world of the present - like Torchwood, only less nasty, and without any aliens. OK, so it's true that I used to work at EFF, so I'm a little biased. When EFF's activism czar Danny O'Brien sent me this cool video highlighting EFF's successes over the last year, I had to share. Without further ado, here are some reasons to be glad EFF exists. They're fighting for the future! Thanks, guys!

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Awesome!!! We're in THE FUTURE! and we get a cool tshirt and stickers too!