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Love And Wishful Thinking Ruin Everything, On Warehouse 13

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Warehouse 13 continues to race forward in its final, shortened, season, trying to wrap up all its plotlines in a hurry. Last night's episode mostly dealt with Claudia's comatose Carrie-esque sister, but also showed in general how our attempts to lift up our loved ones tend to backfire.


In the episode's ostensible "A" plot, a fortune-teller lady at a Renfaire uses magic cards to prophesy a heroic future for the "dofer" that she loves, a guy named Oswald. He'll achieve greatness and marry the princess — or die trying. Her mistaken attempt to ennoble Oswald gets at least one person killed (with a heart attack induced by magic attack) and endangers others — but in the end, Oswald steps up to save her, after failing to find heroism for any other reason than to protect a loved one.

This plotline was mostly notable for being a bit of an Alphas reunion, with Ryan Cartwright and Erin Way sharing the screen for the first time since Syfy cancelled their show — and reminding us all how much we miss that show, when it was good. Plus Pete gets in a few cute jokes about rennfaires and corn dogs and stuff.

The real heart of the episode, though, was the stuff about Claudia saving her sister — she foolishly thinks that she can use artifacts to restore her sister to sanity after the effects of the evil music box thingy. I'm really glad that Claudia turned out to be wrong, since otherwise the implication would have been that Artie was really, really lazy about trying to fix Claire. Instead, it turns out to be a doomed effort, and we eventually learn that Artie has a whole "crazy person room" devoted to figuring out Claire's situation.


But first, we have to deal with the fallout from the failed attempt to save Claire — the evil telekinetic nastiness passes into Myka, who goes nuts. As you can see above, there's a lot of juxtaposition of Claudia and Claire having happy times and catching up on everything that's happened in the past 15 years, while Myka becomes more and more dangerous and destructive. To Artie's dismay.

The characters on this show still feel a bit... off somehow. Like, their emotional cores aren't quite right. Myka getting whammied and venting her anger at Artie could be an opportunity to get at what's really been going on with her, since her cancer "scare," and instead her complaints are kept super-generic ("being a stockboy") except for one brief mention of the cancer thing. Claudia seems a bit too peppy, and a bit too trusting of her good fortune after everything that's gone wrong in the past. Like Artie, I'm not in favor of nonstop weeping, but this show has sailed into some pretty dark waters and now wants to just keep sailing merrily.

At the same time, it was really nice getting to see Claudia's happy reunion with her sister. Not to mention an Alphas reunion. As if we needed reminding that the good TV shows die young.

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Man this episode made me double sad. Its like the Syfy execs were throwing a slowly dying body (WH13) into an already occupied grave (Alphas), all the while laughing and burning that dirty, dirty WWE money.

Sad Trombone.