Yesterday, Universal Pictures announced a deal for Louis Leterrier to direct G, a science fiction "tentpole" movie. Nothing much was revealed about G, except that it's "a scifi disaster pic with shades of The Day After Tomorrow and Taken." And they haven't hired a screenwriter yet.

But we're almost certain this is the same project as Gravity, which Pajiba reported back in June that Leterrier was in talks to direct. Back then, Gravity was described as being "about a father who has to search for his lost child, as the world stops spinning and Earth begins to lose its gravity." And the same "The Day After Tomorrow meets Taken" elevator pitch was mentioned back then.

Presumably they ditched the title Gravity since Alfonso CuarĆ³n is directing another film with that title. But they've probably still kept the main premise, which sounds like 2012 mashed up with The Core. Everybody is going to have to revise their charts of "worst science in movies" after this film comes out. But we'll have to wait a bit ā€” Leterrier is signed on to direct Now You See Me, the heist movie produced by Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci, first. [Hollywood Reporter]