Louis CK’s New Show Brings Game of Thrones to the Coffee Shop

Illustration for article titled Louis CK’s New Show Brings iGame of Thrones/i to the Coffee Shop

Louis CK’s upcoming series, Better Things, may be another depressing round of barely exaggerated situational comedy, but at least this new show is heavier on the Game of Thrones references!


In the exclusive clip from Vulture, Pamela Adlon’s character, Sam, waits in line for coffee, intoning “Shaaame” after the chime of each customer entering and exiting the store, creating a mental parallel between Cersei Lannister’s humiliating Walk of Atonement and the degradation of modern living. Much to her dismay, nobody else in line gets the joke, but that doesn’t stop her.


Oh, the horror of being alive. We get you, Pamela!

Better Things premieres on FX, Thursday, September 8th.

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This has me so excited. She's needed her own show since Lucky Louis.