Lost's Time Traveling To Flash Further This Year

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They might have been playing it cool until now, but apparently the upcoming season premiere of Lost is about to blow everyone's mind with time-travel weirdness. It's more than just flash-forwards and -backs, apparently. Spoilers!

According to those who have seen the first episode of the show's fifth season, the full scope of the show's time-travel conceit is finally revealed. Entertainment Weekly's Jeff Jensen put it best:

Remember the non-linear structure of Pulp Fiction, which toggled between a number of storylines whose chronological relationship to each other is practically a puzzle for the audience to solve? Well, the season premiere is kinda like that. The first two episodes will have the audience — and the show’s characters — trying to make sense of shifts in time. They demand active engagement, and I found it to be a lot of fun. Especially the first hour.


But what exactly does that mean? The New York Post, of all places, is willing to spill the beans:

Time travel this season appears to have replaced flashbacks and flash-forwards. Instead, while watching memories of the past or events in the future, chunks of the entire cast are sent skipping through time, like a needle on a vinyl record.

Suddenly, "The Constant" feels like more than just an astonishingly sweet interlude in a series of ongoing mysteries... and we may have our answer as to how Desmond got lost in time in the first place, as well. Hopefully this means that we'll see much more of Daniel Faraday in the remaining seasons - and perhaps someone managing to go back in time and save little hobbit Charlie from his watery grave, as well.

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Benny Gesserit

Desmond is the final cylon.

No, wait, Desmond is the new Doctor.

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