Lost's Sawyer is a super-soldier for the Info Age in Intelligence

I don't know if Josh Holloway's character in Intelligence has a chip on his shoulder, but he definitely has a chip in his head — a microchip! (See what I did there?) Holloway plays a soldier whose brain has access to the "global information grid" in CBS' new scifi action series.

That means he can use satellite imagery, access files from pretty much anywhere, and even create virtual evidence walls and crime scenes much like Tony Stark did in Iron Man 3, thanks to a super-secret program codenamed Clockwork. Executive Producer René Echevarria calls the show "The Six Million Dollar Man for the Information age," and that seems pretty apt.


Just saying Holloway has "a microchip" in his head seems pretty silly, but I assume the show will explain this a bit better, and I think the show can probably get away with a lot of things by pointing out how the brain works with the microchip (e.g., the microchip gets the satellite infrared map of a place, and his brain translates that into his first-person perspective). Certainly there are goofier shows on the air. What do you guys think?

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