In our exclusive interview with No Ordinary Family newcomer Rebecca Mader, we found out a bit more on the new Global Tech employee. And also probed her thoughts on what happened to Lost's Daniel and Charlotte after the big finale.

So who is this character Victoria Morrow, we know she works at Global Tech with Stephanie, but what else can you tell us about her?


Rebecca Mader: When she appears in next week's episode of No Ordinary Family, I reveal that I'm the VP of Human Resources. And everyone wants to know who is the person and where did she come from? I give Autumn Reeser's character (Katie Andrews) a nice little promotion, totally out of the blue. But there is more to my character than meets the eye, as the weeks progress.

What's her relationship with Dr. King or The Watcher?

In the first episode it sort of alludes that there is some history there, but it's not established yet as to what it is, but there is definitely some history there.

You're shooting for three episodes right, any chance we will see Victoria again after that? Does your character end with the possibility of returning once again?

At the moment, yes, I'm shooting the third one. I don't really know yet because I haven't shot that scene yet. It's ambiguous — it doesn't look good, but it's ambiguous.


How close is Victoria to the Powell family?

It's not just with Stephanie, I work at Global Tech, but I have some nice scenes with Stephen Collins and Autumn Reeser. It's not just with Stephanie. I'm not in the Powell House in the first episode, though.


Did you get to do a lot of stunt work on the show?

I can't really say what I've been doing but I've definitely had some stunt work to do.


What's the shooting atmosphere like on No Ordinary Family compared to working on Lost, is it much more casual?

There's a great energy on set, it's really fun. We're all complete geeks, we're all addicted to twitter and our iPads. We'll be tweeting each other and we're right next to each other. We all play Words With Friends on our iPads, it's really, really fun. There's a lot of laughter.


Were you happy with the way things ended for Charlotte on Lost?

Yeah it was cute. It shows that they do eventually meet anyway [Charlotte and Daniel Faraday]. It was sweet. I think that if they had never really gotten together, people would have been disappointed.


What do you think Daniel and Charlotte are doing together in the in between world, since they didn't go off with the rest of the cast into the light? What do you think?

I'm incredibly cheesy. I'm all about happy endings and all of that. I just imagine them in a little cottage somewhere in England with lots of babies, just living happy ever after.


I read that people come up to you all of the time and ask for you to explain the ending of Lost to them, what do you say to them?

A lot of people have really specific questions like, "Were you really on the island or not?" And I say, "Whatever happened, happened." It happened. And then it all goes off in a different direction, depending on the person's questions.


What do people ask you about the most?

"Are you going to get any nose bleeds on No Ordinary Family?" or "You're not going to get a nosebleed are you?" I get that all the time. When they asked me to come back on the show Damon and Carlton were like, "Would you like to come back?" and I said, "It depends are you going to give me more nose bleeds?" Their response was, "You get to have sex with Sawyer." "When do you need me? I'm on my way to LAX!"


And finally what's this webseries Aim High that you're working on? Teen spies?

Yes that's a webseries, I think it's coming out in April of this year, but I might be wrong. It's really cool with Jackson Rathbone from Twilight. I play his inappropriate physics teacher. It's like a dark comedy.


So it's like a "Hot for Teacher" sort of character?

Oh yeah, like "one too many buttons" undone kind of thing. She was fun to play.

Catch Mader's new character next week No Ordinary Family on ABC, Tuesday.


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