Lost's Hurley and Carlton Cuse are ready for the fan backlash

Jorge Garcia and Carlton Cuse took a few moments to talk about the finale with us, and how they both were choked up by what happens. Plus, DVD finale secrets and readying for the inevitable fan backlash.

While mulling through the amazing Lost prop auction in NYC's Vilcek Foundation, and debating how much rent money could we go with out to get our hands on Daniel Faraday's journal, we got the opportunity to chat up Lost's own Hurley, Jorge Garcia and executive producer, Carlton Cruse. After Hurley explained that he wasn't too upset that he wasn't picked to be the next Jacob — "Nah" was the actual word Garcia used — and confiding that the only things he allegedly took home from the Lost set were fruit roll-up wrappers and his watercolor paintings, we got talking about the finale, and the inevitable fan backlash, such is the way with most genre shows.


What is the one thing you can't wait for everyone to see on the DVDs that they didn't show in the series?

Jorge Garcia: I can't talk about the one thing that I can't wait. Because I don't know if it's something that they are doing yet. However, they are doing a bit on the writing of the finale and they came to my house to watch me read it. There's a moment where you see me get very emotional, that I'm curious to see it myself.

Was it emotional for you just being a part of the cast for so long [and reading the finale] or was it emotional for you because you were going through what your character was going through?

Jorge Garcia: Um, I would give it a mix of both.

Working on a genre show, no matter what, there's going to be backlash. Are you ready for the backlash at the end, either because people are upset that it's over or because they're angry with the way it ended?


Jorge Garcia: I'm ready for it. It was kind of great, in a sense, to have the "Across The Sea" episode come out, to kind of give us a little test run on that. And so, I think I'm ready for it. We know what's going to happen, just because you can't have this level of passion for a show without disappointing people when you make a bold choice. So it's going to happen. And I'm sure there will be people that will love the ending as well, so that will help make up for it.

Are you done being the "voice of the viewer" now, or will you miss that role?

Jorge Garcia: There's a lot of aspects of the part that I'm going to miss. This was definitely a dream role for me. And I didn't even know that going in, how great the part was going to evolve. So yeah, there's definitely going to be a transition. There's going to be kind of a moment where I'm going to have to put Hurley to bed for good. But it hasn't quite happened yet.


Carlton Cuse:

A lot of people have been remarking that Lost has been doing a lot of showing and not telling, like with the glowing cave and other examples, you kind of have to figure it out for yourself. Do you think that is accurate?


Carlton Cuse: I think that we always feel as storytellers it's better to show than to tell. For instance, when our characters were in Dharma time, it's much more interesting to have our characters exist in Dharma time than to have some old raggy Dharma character come stumbling out and say, "This is what it is like in 1977 Dharma time." We feel just as dramatists that's the better way to go. I think that you should expect that of the finale as well.

It's a genre show, there's always going to be backlash, you will never be able to make all the fans happy on a passionate show, there will always be backlash, how have you prepared for it?


Carlton Cuse: Yeah I mean absolutely. It would be impossible to write a finale that would make everybody happy. We just did the best that we could. We like it. We hope that a lot of people like it. But we understand that there will be people that won't. And all we can say is that is we did our best and we ended the show the way we wanted to. That was what we felt was the right thing to do.

Is there anything that you can't wait for people to see that will be on the DVD's that was never aired?


Carlton Cuse: There are a lot of cool DVD features that are going to be a part of the end of the show. Because we knew the show was ending and that gave the DVD people a chance to prepare and do things that you can't do if you're show is sort of on the bubble and might get canceled. So there is a real sense of conclusion and finality to it that's very satisfying.

Is there anything, over the many years, that you would have done differently?

Carlton Cuse: No. I mean look, there are high water marks and low water marks in the show, and that happens with every television series. We learned from the things that didn't work out as well as we would have liked. I think that you can't throw out those things because they are learning experiences that ultimately helped shape the show. So we're not ending the show with any regrets.


What's your favorite meme that's happened because of the show? [Edit note: I think he heard memory instead of meme, it was loud]

Carlton Cuse: There are many, but the most recent one was just being on the scoring stage for the final day of music recording for the finale. That was one of the most emotional experiences of my life. Listening to Michael Giacchino's amazing music as it finished the scenes that we had written for the finale was just kind of profoundly emotional and something I'll never forget.


The auction included a collection of Lost memorabilia from the Hatch door to an actual Dharma van. Here are a few things I desperately coveted. Everything is on display at the Vilcek Center in NYC. For more pics, click over to GawkerTV.


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