Lost's Fallen Star Will Shine On Chuck

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Island castaway show Lost disappointed many of its die-hard fans when its super-cute rock-star character Charlie bit the dust. Actor Dominic Monaghan still doesn't know when, or if, you'll glimpse Charlie on Lost again. But he will be back playing another charismatic rock star character... on Chuck, NBC's show about a nerd with the entire CIA/NSA databases plugged into his brain. Spoilers follow. Monaghan plays Tyler Martin, a rock star whom Chuck has to help protect from some very bad guys. Monaghan describes the character as a lunatic who's not much like his Lost character, Charlie. Tyler is a superficial guy, a definitive rock star who got into music because it was the easiest way to get free flights around the world. (As opposed to Charlie, who got into music to soothe his troubled soul.) "He’s like Charlie in a hallucinogenic dream. He’s like what Charlie would be in his most brilliant moment, but Tyler is like that all the time. So I thought it might be something that would tickle people to see." (We read a ton of pages from the script to this episode a while back, and you can read a detailed summary here.) [Doc Arzt]


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Purple Dave

Hopefully if they kill him this time around, it'll be through means that are actually scientifically possible. Lost totally cheated in that regard, as the water never would have risen higher than the top of the blown porthole. That and it's not like he was actually saving Desmond from anything, as all they had to do to escape was dive through the moon pool in the main chamber.