Lost's Daddy Issues Take A New Lurch, Fringe's Family Dynamic Gets Twisty, And Cusack Explains 2012

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Morning SpoilersIf there’s news about upcoming movies and television you’re not supposed to know, you’ll find it in here.

Spoilers are controversial and hoax-busting, but also life-saving. Today, there's another improbable Lost resurrection, and Fringe introduces a crucial character. Plus awesome pics and clips from Doctor Who, Kick-Ass, Sarah Jane, FlashForward and Stargate. Also: 2012, V, Smallville and Chuck.



So if you've been paying attention, you'll know that Benjamin Linus is a schoolteacher, and his adopted daughter Alex is a schoolgirl, in the show's new alternate timeline. And fans caught glimpses of shooting at a suburban house, where Roger Linus, Ben's dad, comes to visit Ben. And they overheard Roger telling Ben, "This is not the life I wanted for you, Ben." And then Alex shows up at Ben's door, rings the doorbell, and he answers. They talk for a while, and then she tells Ben he's the best. And then leaves. Ben lingers at the doorway, then closes it. [Hawaii Weblog]


Looks like we'll be speaking a lot of Spanish in the upcoming episode 6x09, if this casting call is anything to go by:

[ISABELLA] Latina, 30s, fluent in Spanish. Strong sense of self and adores her husband. Devout Catholic who is battling a long-term illness...GUEST STAR.

[FATHER SUAREZ] Latino, 50s to 60s, fluent in Spanish. A well educated, old school Catholic priest who is stern and has an inflexible opinion of right and wrong...VERY NICE CO-STAR, POSSIBLE GUEST STAR.

[JONAS WHITFIELD] Early to mid 30s; English; must speak with authentic accent. He's crisp and his bearing is of a British military officer. Athletic and agile, he's worked hard to rise up the corporate ladder and make something of himself. He believes in survival of the fittest...GUEST STAR.

[DOCTOR] Latino, 40s-50s, fluent in Spanish. Sophisticated, wealthy, and a somewhat mercenary upper-class doctor who has an imperious bedside manner but knows his stuff...NICE CO-STAR.

[IGNACIO] Latino, 30s, fluent in Spanish. Poor, religious and street smart. On the wrong side of the law but only because he's a victim of his circumstances... NICE CO-STAR.


Doctor Who:

The BBC released oodles of new photos from "Waters Of Mars." Scary! [via Den Of Geek]



You've grooved to the trailer, now fixate on the poster. [Slashfilm]


OMG can you believe whom we're going to be meeting in episode 2x15? Here's the casting call:

[WALTER'S WIFE] Caucasian. To Play Walter's wife is in her mid 40's to play a little younger. She's both strong and broken, intelligent, attractive, likable, lovely and extremely versatile.sptv050769..GUEST STAR. POSSIBLE RECURRING.



Lance Reddick says an upcoming episode deals with the difficulty of knowing who is good or evil, when it comes to these alternate universes and tangly pasts — does it all just depend on your point of view? And this particularly comes into play with Walter's unscrupulous past experiments. Also, he says it's not out of the question that we'll see more Nina-Broyles kissing, and it's possible we'll get an Astrid-centric episode one day. [TV Guide]


And here are some more promo pics for "Of Human Action." [SpoilerTV]

Sarah Jane Adventures:

Here are a slew of promo pics from the season finale, featuring... the Slitheen. Again?? [Den Of Geek]



John Cusack says this isn't a disaster movie, it's an apocalypse movie, and the first act is like the last act of most other movies — and then it just builds from there. He explains:

This has to do with people trying to figure out, 'What do you do when there is no escape and there is no way out?' So you have a much more existential vibe than just, 'How do we survive this disaster?'


Whatever you have to tell yourself, John. [MTV]


Even though Morris Chestnut's undercover alien character Ryan has a human lover — and we saw them with a pregnancy test — sources say a different human-alien coupling will produce a hybrid baby. Officially, though, all we know is that Morena Baccarin says a hybrid baby is a possibility. [TV Guide]



Here are a few clips from the next episode, "Playing Cards With Coyote," that I don't think we've shown you before. [YouTube and MovieWeb]



A clip from the upcoming episode "Pandora" includes shirtless Clark and bland, melodramatic dialogue. [EW]


Also, when Zatanna returns in "Warrior," she's stirring up love-triangle-shaped tension with Lois and Clark. And this episode takes place at Metropolis Wonder-Con, which is basically San Diego Comic Con — and Chloe meets a new love interest at the con. [EW]

True Blood:

Sam Trammell is a fountain of speculation and inside info. When we meet werewolves in season three, they'll be disgusting, smelly creatures, like in the books. And Evan Rachel Wood is probably heading for some kind of disaster as retribution for selling all the V. Eric's hold over Sookie will grow next season, but a Bill/Sookie wedding next year isn't out of the question. [Digital Spy]



In episode 10, Casey does something really bad, that could lose him his job, and it's connected to Robert Patrick's new character, who's a mysterious figure from Casey's past. [EW]



Here are some promo pics which I think are all new from the episodes "Shadowboxing," "Brother's Keeper," and "Thanksgiving." [HeroSite, HeroSite and SpoilerTV]


Stargate Universe:

Here's a sneak peek from episode eight, "Time":


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Benny Gesserit

I'm walking away from Flashforward. The pace is terrible and feels like the writers have no idea where this is supposed to be going. (Could it be they're holding back a few things in case they get canceled and have to cobble together a sort-of finale?)

And I still can't remember what their names are - I still refer to them as "post-drunk FBI", "slutty but probably not a bad person babysitter" etc.

Even with last episode's "thing" I find I just don't care.

And while I'm ranting - why didn't Fox give $$$ to Whedon to bridge Dollhouse into post-apocalyptic Dollhouse. If the show had been like that mythic episode, I'd be there every freakin' week. #lost