Lost's Boone To Give Edward Cullen A Run For His Money

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The CW's new teen drama Vampire Diaries has picked up Ian Somerhalder as its smug Chuck Bass vampire - take that, Twilight.


You have to admit, the one thing the CW knows how to do is build a popular teen drama. Now that they are jumping on the vampire bandwagon, with the good-looking Somerhalder. I don't know what can stop them.

The Vampire Diaries series is based on a series of books from Alloy Entertainment. The story focuses on one woman who falls in love with a pair of brother vampires - and of course, one is good and one is evil.


Well, the CW has never disappointed before with bubblegum drama, and I've always loved me some Boone, so I for one support this new vampy drama.


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there's nothing more sci-fi than a 30+ year old playing a teen, right?