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The minutes are ticking away until tonight's Lost premiere. And to keep you from ripping out your hair in anticipation, we've got two uber-spoilery clips from tonight's episode.


That's right, people: the heroin-filled Virgin Marys are back. Which means serious drugs for everyone. Just remember to shoot up between your toes, so you don't leave un-sexy arm scars. The sexy scar rule still applies, even on the island. But what does the return of Mr. Eko's drug plane mean? Does it signify that we may get a not-dead Eko, or at least some jerky smugglers to play with this season? You'll have to wait and see. Oh and it's good to see Locke, you know, not dead.


I'm like two seconds away from getting a Sayid statue. Everything he does is awesome and cooler than, well everyone else on the planet...besides Ben of course. I wish those two would share a cramped New York apartment together, because it would be sitcom GOLD.

Lost premieres on ABC at 9 PM.

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