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Lost Writer Gears Up for an Apocalyptic Mystery

Illustration for article titled Lost Writer Gears Up for an Apocalyptic Mystery

Lost's mysteries may be winding up, but at least one of the show's alums is whipping up a fresh batch of twisty science fiction mysteries. Upcoming film The Panopticon features the apocalypse, a predestination paradox, and an ambiguous hero.


Variety reports that Lionsgate is moving forward with The Panopticon, a spec script by Lost story editor Craig Rosenberg, who also penned the American version of the South Korean psychological horror film The Uninvited. Lionsgate has tapped The Haunting in Connecticut's Peter Cornwell to direct.

The elevator pitch is that a salesman receives a pre-recorded message from himself saying he is the only one who can prevent the impending apocalypse. But the script has been floating around fro a while, and FirstShowing's Ethan Anderton promises there's more to the movie than meets the eye:

Without ruining too much of the story (having read the script) the conflict comes from not knowing exactly who to trust as the "good guys," including the main character himself. Plenty of twists and turns make for an edge-of-your seat kind of experience that should make for some very fresh entertainment after it goes into production next year. A saving-the-world plotline might seem a bit heavy handed nowadays, but believe me, this is one of those stories that you'll want to keep untainted until it hits theaters.


Peter Cornwell Directing New Sci-Fi Thriller 'The Panopticon' [FirstShowing]

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