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Vampire Diaries star Ian Somerhalder isn't stepping too far outside of his teen horror genre with new project Cradlewood - It's being described as the next step for Twilight fans who've outgrown Stephenie Meyer's novels.


Somerhalder will play the cursed heir to a family fortune, who's destined to be killed by a demon if he has a son, in the new movie, to be directed by co-writer Harry Weinmann (The script by Stephen Sewell and John Paul Chapple is based on Weinmann's original story). Producer Michel Shane explains the movie's cynical selling points:

We see this is as almost like an American-style 'Pan's Labyrinth' in look and feel... It's a perfect segue for the kids who have outgrown 'Twilight' but want something romantic and scary.


Cradlewood will start shooting in Melbourne, Australia next year.

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