Lost Set Pics Include The Scene You've Been Dying To See For Ages

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A ton of Lost spoilers include a glimpse of the scene you've waited forever to see. There's fascinating Supernatural and Chuck casting news, and a Doctor Who spoiler chart. Plus Thor, Venom, Twilight, Toy Story, True Blood and Smallville spoilers.



Not really much of a spoiler — but this movie is set to do a ton of filming in New Mexico. Since that's where the Earth segments of the film are set, I guess the spoiler is that we won't have Vancouver doubling for New Mexico this time around. [News Channel 10]



Another thing that's not really much of a spoiler: Topher Grace doesn't sound like he's going to be playing Venom again, adding that "I died in the movie." There's still vague talk of a Venom spin-off film, but chances are it'd be only loosely connected to Spider-Man 3 — if it ever actually happens. [MTV]


The final book, Breaking Dawn, will be split into two movies. Because there's just so much there. [Deadline]


Toy Story 3:

Here's a new poster, showing off Lots-o-Huggin Bear. [Cinemablend]


One character has a child in his/her "flash-sideways" (and I'm guessing it's Jack, given that we've heard a lot about Jack's LA-verse son lately.) Also, Cynthia Watros says the Libby/Hurley reunion is "so sweet and honest. And I think, hopefully, when people see our scenes that they'll get that feeling, too. [Libby and Hurley] are so incredibly real with each other. I was really grateful that I got to play those scenes and Libby got to sort of express herself in ways that she hasn't been able to." [EW]


A few more pics from Tuesday's new episode. [SpoilersLost]

A casting call for episode 15. Whose mom do you think this is?

[LAUREN] Mediterranean looks, early to mid 20s... Attractive. Finds strength through desperation. Confident and maternal. CO-STAR.



A ton of new set reports include some pivotal scenes. Most importantly, there's the long-anticipated reunion between Sun and Jin, which sounds like it happens in episode 14. On the beach, some sonic tripods are set up along the vegetation line. Sun, Sawyer, Kate and Hurley come wading ashore, possibly accompanied by Claire or Frank. Sun spots Jin among a group of random people on the beach, and runs up to him. They embrace for a long time, but then a group of Others come out of the jungle, pointing guns, and everyone gets down on their knees.


Also, Jack goes to the dentist's office... and it sounds like the dentist is Bernard! Woo. Also, on Coconut Island, the show filmed a scene with a sailboat, in which Jack, Sun, Frank and Hurley run in the jungle. And then those four, plus Sawyer, Claire and Kate talk about Locke. Claire's hair was a total mess. [Hawaii Weblog]

A new promo shows us whom Jack's yelling questions at — it's Hurley! [Lyly Ford]

The title of episode 6x13 is "The Last Recruit." (Maybe referring to Flocke's Army?) [SpoilersLost]


And here are a couple of clips from Tuesday's episode. [Doc Arzt]

Doctor Who:

Want to keep track of every bit of filming for the new season so far? Here's the comprehensive spoiler chart. We expect you to memorize it over the weekend. [Doctor Who Spoilers]



Actor Mark Sheppard, who's required to appear in every TV show ever, says he'll be back for at least one episode as the demon Crowley starting with the Ben Edlund-scripted episode 5x20, and he has "an unholy alliance with the Winchesters." And it sounds like Crowley has some scenes with Lucifer. [Chicago Tribune]


So we already learned that the show is adding Kali as a character, and now it turns out that British actor Adam Croasdell will play Baldur, the Norse God of Light. [Digital Spy]


What's the deal with Shaw, and what's he up to? There's tons of speculation over in this comment thread, including the idea that Shaw isn't who he appears to be, and Sarah is just pretending to be into him to discover his secret. There's also speculation that Hannah is working for Shaw, and that's why she coincidentally started at the Buy More when she did. Also, there's a report that Shaw tells Chuck he had his chance with Sarah, and Chuck knocks Shaw out in front of her. [ChuckTV]


Also, producers Fedak and Schwartz say there's a much bigger threat to Chuck and Sarah than either Shaw or Hannah. And Hannah's last episode is the next one, airing March 1. But Shaw's stint on the show has been extended once again. [EW]

Mark Sheppard (see above) will appear in episodes 12 and 13 (the end of the current arc) as the "Ring Director," and one of those two episodes is all about Casey. He also gets some great scenes with Shaw. But will Sheppard's plans be sheer elegance in their draconian complexity? [Chicago Tribune]


True Blood:

Kevin Alejandro plays Jesus, Lafayette's new love interest, and he's an orderly at the hospital looking after Lafayette's mom. In his first scene he's sitting with the mom holding a bowl of peas, and she's spitting peas at him. [MTV]



Allison Mack says the relationship between Oliver and Chloe is more "mature" and has none of the softness of the Lois-Clark pairing. Chloe, for her part, disapproves of the Lois/Clark thing because she thinks it's a distraction that keeps Clark from doing his best work. Chloe will be a central part of Clark's relationship with Checkmate's Amanda Waller because Chloe sees Waller as a threat to her Justice League. As for the League, it'll start being more official and more proactive now. [TV Guide]


Additional reporting by Josh C. Snyder.

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Sheppard needs to get the "sheer elegance" line in on every show he's a villain on. Ok, that's pretty much every show he's on.