Lost Season Five May Be Different Than You Expected

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Morning SpoilersIf there’s news about upcoming movies and television you’re not supposed to know, you’ll find it in here.

It's our last chance to post Dark Knight spoilers before most people have already seen the new Batman film, so we link to a ridiculously detailed obsessive-compulsive recap of the entire film. We also have some new intriguing hints about Star Wars: Clone Wars and Terminator 4. Also, the producers of Lost teased the show's penultimate season again, and there's an episode-by-episode breakdown of Doctor Who's best spin-off, the Sarah Jane Adventures. There's also a new Knight Rider trailer - which shows off the long-awaited Turbo Boost - and details about Fringe, Smallville and the American Life On Mars. Get spoilered up before you start your weekend.

Star Wars: Clone Wars:

Ahsoka calls her teacher, Anakin, "Sky Guy" and is cocky. The Anakin in Clone Wars is like a mix of his son Luke and Han Solo. When Anakin and Ahsoka crash-land on Tattooine, Anakin has a moment of darkness when he remembers his mom. "I was hoping I'd never have to lay eyes on this dustball again," Anakin says. [Newsweek]


The Dark Knight:

It's the last day for Dark Knight spoilers, and we've pretty much already covered every spoiler in the movie already. But in case you want a last bit of spoiler overload, here's a super-insanely detailed rundown of everything that happens in the movie. [That Girl Site]

Terminator Salvation:

A British article refers to Sam Worthington's mysterious character in Terminator 4, Marcus, as a "Decommissioned Terminator." Which sounds like confirmation of the earlier spoiler that Worthington plays a quasi-Terminator who's wrapped in the skin of a guy who was on Death Row. But maybe the article is just mistaken? Also, it mentions that John Connor and Marcus have to travel to the heart of Skynet and uncover the secret behind the extinction of humanity. [ITN]



The Lost producers once again said season five of the island castaway show is about the Oceanic Six trying to get back to the island, and how the island is "drawing them back." It will be like The Twin Towers of the Lord Of The Rings trilogy, linking the past and future of the show. [Spoilers Lost]


Also, splitting up the Lost cast (by having some people off the island and some people still there) is interesting, but can only be done for so long, the producers say. (Which implies it might not take Jack and Co. the whole season to get back to the island. That would be interesting, since up till now we've been told the whole season will be the O6 trying to get back there.) And we'll see Jin next season... in some form, says Damon Lindelof. In "human form," adds producer Carlton Cuse. But it's ambiguous enough to make people wonder exactly how we'll see Jin. [Doc Arzt]

Knight Rider:

Are you pumped up for this fall's Knight Rider relaunch after our extra-juicy spoilers yesterday? (By the way, that post now accepts comments. Sorry about the mix-up.) Maybe this will get you that little bit more pumped. Here's KITT showing off his "Turbo Boost". [Knight Rider Online]


Sarah Jane Adventures:

Here are some details of season two of Doctor Who spinoff Sarah Jane Adventures. The first two-parter features Maria and her dad (who then leave), plus a rumored cameo by David Tennant. And episodes three and four feature Spellmans Magical Museum of the Circus, plus that creepy clown from the trailer. Episodes 5 and 6 feature Martin Trueman, a spiritualist or medium, who does a show at the East Acton New Theatre. Episodes 7 and 8 introduce Clyde's family, including his dad, who gets scary blue veins and white eyes. Episodes 9 and 10 are the ones featuring the Sontarans, Miss Wormwood and Sir Alistair Lethbridge-Stewart from Classic Doctor Who. And then episodes 11 and 12 feature the return of the Graske, that mischeivous little guy. [Life, Doctor Who and Combom]



J.J. Abrams' science-conspiracy show Fringe put out a casting call for Hispanic females who are comfortable with being inside a drawer at the morgue for at least 15 seconds. There's also a white female with a "sleek model look" to play someone's personal assistant. [Spoiler TV]


Life On Mars:

More details about how the American version of British head-injury time-travel show Life On Mars will change from its original pilot. First and foremost, the character of Annie will be changing - in order to make it believable that she's an American cop in the 1970s, the writers are going to make her more closely connected to the "Women's Lib" movement. Which sounds like an interesting idea. And the show won't be science fictional, per se. Sam will come up with dozens of theories to explain why he's suddenly stuck back in 1972. [Sci Fi Wire]



Not only does Melissa, the superpowered woman formerly known as Maxima, have her sights set on Clark, but she kisses him as well - in spite of his efforts to resist. [Kryptonsite]


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Jack B. Quick

"And episodes three and four feature Spellmans Magical Museum of the Circus"

What? A possible Sabrina the Teenage Witch/SJC crossover?