David Hayter, writer for X-Men, X2 and Watchmen, is adapting the Lost Planet Xbox game into a full length feature film. First Bio Shock is being made into a movie, and now this? Has the world healed from the Uwe Boll-inflicted wounds of bad video game movies past? Is anybody really craving a Lost Planet movie, even with a decent screenwriter on board? Click through for details.

Lost Planet follows an exploration team onto a frozen planet in search of an new and powerful energy source. Along the way they'll have to fight the locals massive bug problem. Did anyone like this game? It was just one among many for me, and a fear so will be the fate of this flick.


Also involved in the project is is Avi Arad, formerly of Marvel, is producing along with Steven Paul. There isn't a release date yet on the project, though I suspect they will cram it in with the plethora of new video game movies coming out over the next few years. I ask you, are there any video game movies people are actually excited about?

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