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We've already told you that David Hayter, the screenwriter for Watchmen, X-Men and X2 was adapting the video game Lost Planet into a movie... But now it looks like it'd be a pretty pricy movie.


According to movie magazine Empire, Toshihiro Tokumaru - the Head of Character Contents Business at Capcom, who owns the Lost Planet rights - is estimating that the budget for the movie version will fall somewhere between $150-200 million. To put that in perspective, the budget for Watchmen is estimated between $100-150 million, and even The Dark Knight came in around $185 million. Or, to put it another way, a $200 million budget makes this a movie not only very expensive, but also very unlikely in a market where studios are cutting back on spending and video game movies have never been massively successful.

Perhaps producer Avi Arad will bring some of his legendary business acumen to the project and trim the budget somehow. If he could save Marvel from bankruptcy in the '90s, I'm sure this'll be a piece of cake.

Lost Planet Adaptation Might Be Costly [Empire Online]


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