Lost Key & Peele Sketch "Aliens On The Run" Is A Movie Rock Masterpiece

Beloved comedy duo Key & Peele had a fantastic idea for a sketch that they couldn't get produced, but thankfully it's been recreated in animation. And if you loved '90s movie anthems — TMNT: Legend of the Ooze-style — you're going to love Key & Peele's "Aliens on the Run."


Entertainmet Weekly animated this never-before-seen sketch (because it wasn't made) with the help of artists Dan Henrick and Kate O’Leary. The premise is simple: Key & Peele wanted to make their version of a late '80s/early '90s movie rock anthem, without any backstory. You're just thrown into the "music moment" of the film. And it is triumphant. Behold.

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Secret of the Ooze

Edit: It's even mentioned as such in the video.