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Feel as if Lost is sometimes made up as its going along without a lot of forethought? JJ Abrams would like to confirm your suspicions... And then compare it to classic literature because of that.


As part of a profile in British newspaper the Guardian, Abrams talked about the sense of faith that Lost's fans have that the show's writers had everything planned out from the start - and shattered their illusions:

It's a leap of faith doing any serialised storytelling. We had an idea early on, but certain things we thought would work well didn't. We couldn't have told you which characters would be in which seasons. We couldn't tell you who would even survive... You feel that electricity [of improvisation]. It's almost like live TV. We don't quite know what might happen. I'm sure when Charles Dickens was writing, he had a sense of where he was going - but he would make adjustments as he went along. You jump into it, knowing there's something great out there to find.


Wait, does this mean that we'll never find out what the deal was with Libby? Seriously?

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