You can never leave the island: Lost will haunt you everywhere. So, tonight we're celebrating the world's collective obsession with Lost by rounding up the best parodies and references from sketches to Veronica Mars' cookies.

From comic books and video games to Catwoman's mugshot, the world is literally littered with Lost memorabilia. And while it's not super surprising to see a Dharma logo pop up in J.J. Abrams' monster movie Cloverfield, it is surprising when you see references over at NBC. Here's a round up of some of the best spoofs and shout outs.


Jimmy Kimmel's: Lost The Musical
Drags a little, but the polar bear dance is worth it's weight in Dharma dollars:

This is funny just for the Sheppard impersonation:

Conan O'Brien at the Emmy Awards
Everything Conan does is funny, everything:

Bo' Selecta!
Creepy British sketch show:

Lost Family Guy....
Also hilarious Family Guy Lost moment, the Muppets' Statler and Waldorf Lost shout out:

Lost Figurines Meet Star Wars Figures
This is an actual Lost parody series:

Best Parody Of A Parody, Lost Spoofs SNL's Dear Sister:

Not Really A Parody But Still Pretty Funny:

Lost References:
David Letterman's Top Ten Signs You're Obsessed With Lost:

Heroes has been using Gannon Car rentals in many of their episodes, and the ad pops up in the background for many Lost episodes.

Veronica Mars opens up a fortune cookie on her show and lo and behold, there are the Hurley's numbers:


Take a close look inside the vending machines at Scrubs' Sacred Heart, you'll see the Apollo Bars. Seriously. There were Apollo bars in the vending machine at Sacred Heart:


And Finally The Most Amazing Lost Placement Ever

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