Lost Gives Closure, Iron Man 2 Does Reshoots, And A V Hero Gets A Startling Kick

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Morning SpoilersIf there’s news about upcoming movies and television you’re not supposed to know, you’ll find it in here.

Lost will give us answers, and closure, that you might not have expected, and a freaky V plotline will totally pay off. Iron Man 2 video-game screens show off War Machine. Plus Supernatural, Flash Gordon, Toy Story, Chuck and Caprica.


Iron Man 2:

Don Cheadle says he's doing a reshoot on Friday. From the way he says it, it doesn't sound as though it's a major thing, possibly just a few special-effects shots pickups. But maybe they're tweaking War Machine's performance in the film? Cheadle won't confirm whether Rhodey and Tony actually fight in the movie, saying he's not actually sure what happens. "I haven't seen the finished product. I don't know what's going to happen in the film." [MTV]


And a few new screens from the Wii tie-in game give some glimpses of War Machine in action. [DS-X2.com]

Flash Gordon:

Director Breck Eisner was talking up this movie again, and hitting much the same notes as before: It'll be based on the original strips, but as if artist Alex Raymond were drawing them today. And he describes the film: "It's action, it's adventure, it's intense, it's dynamic. It's a strong central character who goes on a dynamic journey. It should be a really amazing movie if we can get it made." [Sci Fi Wire]

Toy Story 3:

Here are a couple new promo pics. [Celebutopia]

And a smattering of new posters. [IGN]

Twilight: Eclipse:

Jackson Rathbone talks about the non-stop action in this third movie, where he teaches the Cullens to fight vampires. [Reelz Channel]
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Doctor Who:

Comedian James Corden was memorizing lines from an upcoming episode of this show on the train to Wales, and let slip to a fan that, yes, he has a role in the series. But his role remains a secret. [STV]



So yeah, the baby gestating inside Valerie really is an alien lizard baby, thanks to her secretly V boyfriend Ryan. And by the time the show breaks for the summer, we'll have an inkling about what's been born and what's coming. The gestation will be more eventful than the birth, says Rosenberg: "What happens when the baby kicks? Or when Val gets her ultrasound?" [TV Guide Magazine]



Even though psychic Pamela Barnes first went blind trying to see Castiel's true form, and then died helping the Winchesters deal with reapers, she'll be back. Actor Tracy Dinwiddie tweeted that she'll be in episode 5x16, "Dark Side Of The Moon" — not the upcoming zombie episode, but the one after that. [BuddyTV]



Matthew Scott Porter, who plays the youngest husband in that infamous group marriage, says his character is "part of an organization that is responsible for the Cylons having consciousness and we are kind of the beginning of the end for humanity as we knew it. We are a bit of religious zealots. It is crazy to put yourself in those shoes but it was something I have never been afforded the luxury of playing before. He is definitely a character that has beliefs in something so deep and he is affected by it so much that he is willing to do great deeds of evil to get [things] done. It is a very cool character to play. I don't want to spoil the plot too much but I think you kind of see the seeds of who the good guys are and who the bad guys are right off the bat." [Cinemaspy]


And here's the synopsis for Friday's episode:

The avatar of Tamara Adama wanders V-World, scared, lost, and unaware that she died nearly a month ago in the MagLev bombing. Falling in with a group of gamers, Tamara discovers a new side to V-World — New Cap City, a place where people live random lives of violence and crime in search of the game's elusive meaning. Forced into aiding a digital crime spree, Tamara befriends a young gamer, until she discovers a devastating secret that threatens everything she knows.


Plus a few promo pics. [CapricaTV]


When this show returns March 1, we'll finally see Jeffster again, as the employees barricade themselves inside the Buy More. And Dietrich Bader plays an over-the-top Buy More exec with an ulterior motive. [E! Online]



A wee sneak peek from this Friday's episode:


In tonight's episode, we meet L.A.-verse Dogen: a father who advises Jack to be a hands-on dad. And on March 2, Dogen has his final face-off with Sayid (which may end with the two of them forging some kind of friendship, hints Hiroyuki Sanada.) Also on March 2, we'll learn how Dogen left Japan for the island, and what his secrets are. He may actually be a dad in the island-verse as well as the L.A.-verse, and his assistant's name, Lennon, may turn out to be significant. [TV Guide Magazine]


Boone will reappear before the show ends, and in fact his reappearance is "more involved" than everyone had originally planned. Also, we will soon know what the island is — possibly even tonight! [E! Online]

Harold Perrineau says he has a scene with Hurley and Libby where he apologizes for shooting her:

I did get to apologize. Every time I did it, it was really emotional. There was something really nice about it. It's not just apologizing to her, but to Hurley as well.


And Jorge Garcia says he got really emotional doing that scene too. Michael is definitely a ghost in this scene, and Garcia's pretty sure Libby's not the Man In Black either. But we won't be seeing an off-island version of Michael at all. [TV Guide]

Here's a new Canadian promo for tonight's episode. [DocArzt]

And here are some screencaps. [SpoilersLost]

This is pretty interesting — you know how Smokey shouts "Don't tell me what I can't do!" in last week's episode. Terry O'Quinn says there's a lot of Locke left in Smokey, and he's made a deliberate choice, as an actor, to play that up:

Occasionally there's residual Locke emotions or feelings that Smokey gets that may surprise him, may irritate him, that he can't completely control, so he'll be smug or make fun of John Locke. Or say he was a loser and he was pathetic and he was broken. But for my own edification, I keep a little spark of John Locke alive in this being, whatever he is… so that if for any reason, anybody wants to summon that spark, it's there. And I think sometimes Smokey's indifference is my choice. Smokey's puzzled by it: What is this persona he's inhabited? Maybe it's stronger than he thought it was. But that just gives me things to play in the scene, gives a little bit of color to a scene. And I enjoy it. He was moved when he told Ben that John Locke's last thought was, "I don't understand." And he was surprised to be moved.


And he says that Smokey's recruiting drive has to do with fulfilling one of the many sets of "rules" that Smokey is bound by. "It's like a children's game." [EW]

Additional reporting by Josh C. Snyder.


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"What happens when the baby kicks? Or when Val gets her ultrasound?"

Fetus wears the same fake skin as its adult counterparts. After born, only rips off face during potty training to keep using diapers.