Every TV show eventually does a Groundhog Day episode. On Lost Girl, it becomes a hedonistic excuse to have sex with whoever you want, since no one will remember and you'll start all over again in the morning.

This episode started off with an incredibly steamy scene. I was just transfixed. It was so hot seeing those perfect curves. I'm so glad we finally got a chance to really check out that '69 Camaro SS convertible. I've been wanting a closer look at it since season one. So hot.

Ok, seriously though, that was a nice gag playing with the show's "softcore porn" reputation, as Bo hit every cliché in the softcore porn book when it comes to a hot girl washing a car. Even boobs on glass! This scene was also relevant to our discussion a few weeks ago about male gaze versus lesbian gaze. First Lauren was watching as her ice cream dripped down her hand, but then Dyson joined her. Gaze for all! The only thing is, I recommend putting the top up on your convertible before you hose it down.

The Big Bad this week is Krampus, the evil Germanic Christmas demon. Lost Girl instead uses it as an excuse for Christmas in July, since their version of Krampus is the exact opposite of Santa. There's some weird business at a gas station that will all make sense later haha no I'm kidding nothing on this show ever makes sense.


The gang is planning a wild Yule blowout, but they leave Bo to sleep off her candy hangover in the car. She wakes up and encounters a bunch of weirdness at the party, including a sweaty guy named Choga – I can't find a folkloric reference for this, other than the obvious psychoactive toad thing, since Choga seems to have psychedelic sweat. But the name Choga doesn't seem to lead anywhere. But whatever, Bruce in a toga bails Bo out, then Tamsin comes in and kisses Bo. Someone smashes a glass, everyone says, "Opa!" and it all starts again with Bo waking up in the car.

She remembers the previous go through, and so does Tamsin. Instead of the old, "Get out of the loop by doing the right thing," angle, Bo and Tams decide there aren't any consequences to their actions, so they can do things like have sex with each other in front of the crowd. Fellow Valkubus shippers, can I get an amen? Also an invite to any fae Yule parties you might be planning?


Meanwhile Hale is trying to seduce Kenzi with abysmal lines about sexy gas and how he'll, "mingle with your tingle like I'm single." He knows about the loop and thinks it's just a Krampus prank, so he's using it to perfect his game with Kenzi. To summarize, they eventually have crazy sex off camera.

Other meanwhile, Dyson and Lauren and Vex are getting drunk on Choga-infused pilsners and trying to decide what to do with Bo's magic box. Yes, I made a pun about Bo's box, but so did the show! Like five times! Vex is wearing Bo's corset and the lamest cover for an amputated hand ever. Dyson and Lauren realize they don't hate each other and have a sort of friendly rivalry over Bo's affections (though they're both wrong because she belongs with Tamsin obviously). The box is something Bo sent herself from her memory gap time on the cosmic train. Lauren doesn't think they should give it to her, Dyson thinks they should, and seriously Lauren? You don't think she had a good reason for sending it to herself? You are the worst girlfriend.


None of it matters because Lauren and Vex leave to reattach Vex's hand and Dyson passes out near the box, so Kenzi finds it and delivers it straight to Bo. It appears to contain a jug of liquid evil.

They figure out that a little dude, who is a son of Krampus, is kidnapping people and is very angry that they aren't showing the holiday the proper respect. Bo travels to Krampus' magic candy factory, where Tamsin is bolted to a conveyer belt headed for choppers that will turn her into candy. It seems Krampus feeds off negative emotions like regret. Tamsin is wracked with guilt over being a valkyrie bounty hunter who took a gig from the Wandered and lead him to Bo.


Lots of interesting stuff there, mainly Tamsin in old-school valkyrie leather armor, which looked awesome. She describes the Wanderer as a monster with pure evil in his eyes. Bo forgives Tamsin and later asks her if such a monster could really be her dad. Tamsin sort of vaguely replies that he wanted the perfect mate so badly he was willing to create her himself. Which means Wanderer is both Bo's dad and…husband? Creepy. It also means Bo wasn't really born but created? Explains why she was unaligned.

The real Krampus shows up and does a pretty fun "weird old man" routine, chastises his son, and tries to make Bo into candy, but gives her an out. She has to confront the truth of her own fears. It was really a lot of nonsense, but an old man in demon horns prancing around a giant candy factory was just weird enough to be entertaining.

Since Tamsin is officially dark, and Bo has converted to dark, circumstances should drive them into each other's arms. Right? Yes, of course.