"Lost" Castaways Get Gourmet Meal, Courtesy of "Top Chef"

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Next Wednesday, Lost's producers judge the latest elimination challenge on Bravo's Top Chef Masters: cook a meal with the limited list of ingredients available on the mystery island.


"Lost" Castaways Get Gourmet Meal, Courtesy of "Top Chef"

Lost honchos Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse will be the guest judges on the June 17 episode of the reality cook-off. As host Kelly Choi told the competitors (see video below), they'll have to make do with island staples: fish, tropical fruit, wild boar meat, and canned Dharma food. (Note the "Confidential" folder in Choi's hand, with the Dharma logo on it.) Fittingly, the challenge is dubbed "The Lost Supper." No word on whether the Top Chefs will have to put ranch dressing on everything, or whether Lost epicure Jorge Garcia will get to participate (Dude!). But a word of caution to everyone involved: a billowing column of smoke may mean something far more sinister than a burnt salmon fillet.

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mat1cs is not your friend.

sounds awesome! I just wish Evangeline was a guest judge.


*cowers in fear from inevitable Kate-hate*