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Sad, sad news. Child star and vampire hunter Corey Haim has died from an apparent drug overdose last night in California. We’ll never forget our favorite of “The Coreys,” from his multiple Lost Boys moments to his Crank 2 cameo.


According to KTLA:

Haim died at 2:15 a.m. Wednesday of an apparent accidental overdose, according to the LAPD’s North Hollywood Division.


It’s no secret Corey Haim was a troubled soul. But he and Corey Feldman will always be remembered as the most lovable teen vampire hunters, in the Lost Boys film.

As for his vampire hunting career after the original film, the Haim ended up in two “after the credits” scenes in the direct to DVD sequel, The Lost Boys 2: The Tribe. Whose filming was painfully captured for the series The Two Coreys. But even though the filming was, difficult to say the very least for Haim, having his dark drop-in at the end of the film was probably the best part of the entire sequel...

The Hidden Ending To The Lost Boys 2: The Tribe

We’re very happy Lost Boy’s 2 decided not to go with this alternate Haim ending.

Lost Boys 2: The Tribe Alternate Ending 2

Corey was supposed to be in the third installment, Lost Boys: The Thirst. But he said a busy schedule wouldn’t allow him to participate but that he was interested in being in the fourth film. Sadly, this will never be.


After after his Lost Boys 2 appearance and the release of revealing Coreys series was behind him, it seemed like Haim was finally getting back on the right track. The actor popped up on screen in a few other surprising places.

We lost our minds when Haim showed up with a long yellow mullet in Crank 2, and really hoped this could be the reawakening Haim’s career, now that he was able to laugh at himself. Even co-star Amy Smart was rooting for him.


Alas, the fallen actor never got the chance for a full-fledged come-back, but one glance at his imdb page makes us think that it very well could have been in the works. Our hearts go out to his family and friends. Corey Feldman has released a statement in which he calls Haim “a wonderful, beautiful, tormented soul.” He will be missed.


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