Lost At Its Best: Tearful Reunions, Backstabbing And Defining Choices

Last night on Lost, everybody made his/her move. Sawyer, Jack, Sayid and Claire all made defining choices... we just won't know for a while what exactly those choices were. And the two universes really started to sync up. Spoilers ahead.

So in last night's episode, on the Island, Sawyer finally followed through on his long-simmering plan to double-cross Locke. But is he really bent on stealing Widmore's sub and getting out of there, or does he aim to wreak destruction on both Widmore and Smokey? Or both?

Jack, meanwhile, finally seemed like he was starting to get his mojo back, a little bit. He spent most of the episode following first Locke's instructions and then Sawyers, but finally seemed like autopilot wasn't working out for him any more. So he fell back to his other default setting, that of "We're here for a reason" preacher guy. And this led to the hilariously awesome "Get off my damn boat" scene above.


Claire seemed to buy into Kate's promise to get her back to Aaron — but it seemed fairly obvious that she's just waiting for the right moment to go rabid on Kate, and/or turn everyone in to Locke. (The one thing I kept wondering last night: obviously Locke seems to think he needs these people alive. So why are they afraid of him? Other than Lapidus, who's surplus, that is.)

Claire wasn't the only one of Locke's Army who seemed to have second thoughts. Is it even remotely possible that Sayid actually followed orders and killed Island Desmond? I mean, we didn't see it happen, but that could be a double-fakeout. If Desmond really did die off camera, stuck down a well, I'm going to be a mite put out. Also, Sayid didn't seem to be among Locke's crew in the last couple scenes, before the bomb hit. I re-watched those scenes a few times, and no Sayid. Where did he go?

Among the many gratifying things about last night's Lost was the way all the strands in the "flash-sideways" universe get drawn tighter together. Sawyer talks to Kate, then he and Miles arrest Sayid. Jack meets his half-sister Claire, then goes to operate on Locke - who's in the hospital not far away from the injured Sun. (Who seems to be having flashes of awareness too, thanks to her near-death experience.) How far away are we from some kind of convocation of the Losties in the L.A.-verse?


But also, a lot of events seem to be happening the same in both realities, and it's becoming much, much more noticeable.

Parallels between the island and "flash-sideways" realities last night:

  • Jin and Sun have a touching moment where Jin assures Sun that everything's going to be all right. (Or that they'll never be separated again.)
  • Jack and Locke are reunited, and Jack has something that Locke desperately needs.
  • Kate finds out that Sawyer's got some dirty little secrets.
  • Jack and Claire meet and discuss the fact that they share a miserable excuse for a daddy.
  • Sayid confronts the consequences of being a "bad guy."
  • Desmond is trying to help people figure out the truth on their own.

Did I miss anything?

A few other random observations:

- I guess Hugo's stint as leader was pretty short-lived.

- The Sun/Jin scenes, in both universes, really were touching and brilliant, and I really do hope they get to be together. And it was a neat but terrible reminder of Sawyer's loss when we saw him glancing at them with a sick look in his eyes.


- Sawyer kept calling Kate "Freckles" in this episode. Are they really going to be together again? I think I need to get off his damn boat too.


- Jack's son David was almost creepily supportive this time around. Stepford supportive, in fact. And the show seemed to be trying too hard to keep the mystery of his mom's identity alive, by only letting us hear Jack's side of the conversation.

- Did anybody think that Jin's head was going to explode when he ran past the pylons to hug Sun? I know Widmore's people ordered them turned off, but I wasn't sure if they'd had time to do it.


- What exactly did bombing Locke achieve anyway? It just killed a few of his cannon fodder followers, and possibly made Jack slightly more dependent on him. But only slightly.

So what did you all think?


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